Put an End to Leaky Pipes

Schedule water leak repairs in Fort Worth, TX

A water leak in your home can endanger its structural integrity. If left unattended, the leak will get worse, potentially putting you and your family in danger. Get water leak repairs lined up with a call to Blue Diamond Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. Regardless of whether the problem was caused by leaky interior pipes or outside flooding, you can count on our water leak services to take care of it. Our trained crew has 60+ years of water leak service experience.

If you need a quick response, call us today. We offer 24-hour service for emergencies. We provide sewer inspection video service as well.

Three signs you have a water leak

The best way to keep a water leak from damaging your home is to catch it early. However, since these leaks often spring up in your walls or under your floor, they can go undetected for some time.

You may need water leak repairs if:

1. You notice your walls are damp without an obvious cause.
2. You see water coming up out of the floor.
3. You notice water pooling around your house when it's not raining.

Contact us immediately if you notice any of these issues. We'll determine which of your waterlines is leaking and make the necessary fix. Don't worry about slab leaks or damage to your foundation. Call for a free sewer inspection video today.

High-tech equipment that makes a difference

Worried about a leak in your plumbing system? Our experienced plumbers can help. We can use top-of-the-line cameras, locators and transmitters to quickly pinpoint leaks in your:

Copper water lines
PVC or black iron gas lines
Concrete slabs
Slab Leaks

We've invested in some of the best equipment on the market, so you can trust us to get your plumbing system back in top condition. Our top-of-the-line products can provide a sewer inspection video that will pin-point problem areas in your sewage. This will help us to provide the best sewage repair or sewer replacement that you can get!

If you are looking for underground line locator services, look no further, our products can help identify underground lines in any property.

Don't put off your water or sewer line repairs any longer. Reach out to Blue Diamond Plumbing for free sewer camera inspection services in Fort Worth, TX. We offer affordable prices and timely, professional water leak services.